Whether he’s working with the elegant Champs-Elysées or the naturally majestic Mojave Desert as his backdrop, Weldon Brewster has an uncanny ability to capture the very essence of the location in a photograph and evoke emotion in all who view it. It’s a skill he exercises every day in his work as an industrial and architectural photographer in Los Angeles.


Industrial Photography in Los Angeles

Some of Weldon’s favorite projects are in the industrial sector. Because of his Texas roots, he knows just how rich the stories in the industrial world can be! While physically getting these photographs can be a complex challenge, it’s one he’s certainly up for. He’s done aerial photography while strapped to a harness hanging out of a helicopter and chased a 20-mule team across the Mojave Desert 114-degree heat for the perfect photo. He’s shot from moving horses and wagons and managed to safely capture video just 100 feet from 100,000 pounds of explosives!

In this niche, he’s learned that even the best photography skills are pointless without the ability to work safely in the dangerous situations that are common in industrial environments. He knows how to take stunning images while ensuring that everyone involved leaves the shoot in one piece. With his extensive knowledge of safety procedures, he’s able to work securely on everything from oil rigs to working mines, industrial plants, blast sites, and more! 

No matter what walk of life his clients come from, he is able to listen to their needs, communicate with them, and gain their trust with an ease that few other photographers have. All of this helps him meet and exceed client expectations in telling the stories of their projects, processes, and brands.


Architectural Photography in Los Angeles

One skill that can truly separate experienced photographers from amateurs is the way that they utilize light. Weldon has a special command of light that he’s honed over many years of work, making him an exceptional architectural photographer in Los Angeles. He’s used these skills to showcase the innovation and creativity of some of America’s top architects and designers.

Weldon believes that when it comes to Los Angeles architecture, photography is often the best storytelling medium. He helps commercial, residential, and retail design professionals tell their stories visually. From single-room spaces to multi-story skyscrapers, no project is too simple or too complex for him to take on.

As with any type of photography, Weldon is always willing to go the extra mile to get the shot of his client’s dreams. He’s hung out of the window of a five-story building, worked 49 hours over a single weekend, and even continued working on a project when his hair caught fire. With his patience and love for adventure, there’s no one better to capture architectural images in LA.


Fine Art Photography in Los Angeles 

Although Weldon has become highly successful as an architectural and industrial photographer in Los Angeles, he remains deeply passionate about fine art photography. Whether the setting is the breathtaking vistas of Yosemite National Park or the dark and mysterious Carnival of Venice, Weldon has a knack for not just capturing the appearance of a time and place but also the feeling of a specific moment.

If you’re a designer with a client who has a taste for high-quality original artwork, Weldon Brewster’s pieces may perfectly complement their homes or workplaces. You may have seen some of Weldon’s fine art photographs in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other businesses. 

Just like with his architectural and industrial photography, Weldon’s fine art photography has sent him on his fair share of adventures. During an expedition in Utah, Weldon once rappelled from a 600-foot drop while holding 50 pounds of camera gear. He has capsized his kayak off of the California coast, come face to face with a black bear in the woods, and come within 15 feet of the Queen of England herself. Because he’s a nearly fearless photographer, he’s able to capture some truly once-in-a-lifetime moments with his camera. His sense of adventure combined with his artistic eye creates unforgettable images that truly connect with the audience.

Highlights of Weldon Brewster’s Career

Weldon’s portfolio is diverse. He’s had the privilege of shooting photography for many prominent brands, including:


Wolfgang Puck

Calvin Klein

Universal Studios

Ernst & Young

Kaiser Permanente

Some of his industrial and annual report clients include: 





Kiewit Bridge and Marine

US Borax

Rio Tinto

Why Work with Weldon Brewster?

Even before he started taking photos professionally, Weldon was acquiring interpersonal skills that have contributed to his success. As you might imagine, being raised on a farm in Denton, Texas, and going on to attend the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California exposed him to a wide variety of people. By going from one distinct community to another on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Weldon learned how to connect with people from all walks of life. To this day, whether he’s around art directors, cowboys, miners, or set designers, he can draw from these experiences to forge an easy connection with just about anyone.

While his artistic eye is certainly a skill, one of the biggest keys to his success as a photographer is his tenacious work ethic. He always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients, on occasion even doing shoots for 27 hours straight to meet their needs. He’ll do just about anything to get the perfect shot! 

While every assignment is unique, the goal of each one is ultimately the same: help clients share their stories. It’s a responsibility he takes very seriously!

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Whether your photography needs are industrial, architectural, or fine arts, Weldon Brewster can meet them with his skills and dedication. Let him help you tell your story by getting in touch with him today!