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From the elegant and civilized Champs-Elysées to the rugged and remote Mojave Desert, Los Angeles based photographer Weldon Brewster has created distinct images that capture the very essence of a particular time and place. 

Such diverse clients as Nike, Ernst & Young, Wolfgang Puck, Kaiser Permanente, Calvin Klein, and Universal Studios are included in Weldon’s architectural portfolio. In addition, industrial and annual report clients such as NASA, ExxonMobil, KONE Corporation, Kiewit Bridge and Marine, U.S. Borax, and Rio Tinto have all benefitted from Weldon’s well-focused attention to his craft.

Weldon was raised on a farm in Denton, Texas and went on to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  This diverse background allowed Weldon to develop a unique ability to effectively relate to everyone.  From art directors to cowboys, roughnecks to sous chefs, and miners to set designers, this is a gift he exploits well in order to maintain a smoothly running and productive atmosphere in any situation.

One of the most important gifts Weldon possesses is his tenacious work ethic.  As a dedicated location photographer, he often runs through brick walls for his clients, which has resulted in shoots lasting up to 27 hours straight.  He will do almost anything to get the perfect shot. (And though Weldon cannot physically run through a wall, he is an accomplished technical climber, so you can easily get him to scale the wall instead.)

Throughout every assignment from planning through execution, Weldon considers how he can help his clients tell their story and accomplish their goals.           


Industrial Photography

One of Weldon’s favorite things is industrial shooting.  Being from Texas, he loves a good story, and industrial shoots afford a wealth of new tales to tell.  A few anecdotes include: aerial photography performed while strapped in a harness hanging out of the open door of a helicopter; chasing down a 20-mule team across the Mojave Desert in 114 degree heat; filming safely less than 100 ft. from over 100,000 lbs. of explosives; playing with over-sized Tonka toys ranging from 240-ton haul trucks to 2.5 million lb. shovels; shooting from moving horses and wagons; and successfully retrieving an 8x10 camera off of a tugboat in the L.A. harbor (the client fell in… but the film was safe!).

Throughout these adventures, Weldon has amassed important safety and technical skills that ensure his shoots are not only effective, but also result in everyone leaving the set in one piece.  This knowledge includes the proper safety procedures for everything from oil rigs to working mines and from industrial plants to blast sites. (By the way, if you’re near a blast, be suspicious of rocks that don’t seem to be moving… those are the ones headed straight for you.)

With his natural amiability, Weldon has a knack for relating to everyone from every walk of life.  This ability to listen to, communicate with, and gain the trust of working men and women in the field contributes to the excellent industrial photography that Weldon’s clients use to tell the stories of their products, processes and brands.


Architectural Photography

In addition to getting down and dirty for industrial shoots, Weldon’s talents include a special clarity with detail and refined command of light.  This makes him an excellent choice as an architectural photographer.  He has worked with some of the top architects and designers in the America to document their innovative and inspired creativity.  Weldon works with these commercial, residential and retail design professionals, to help them convey their story of a place, whether it is an entire building or a single room.

Of course, Weldon has stories to tell about his architectural photography.  Getting the shot has entailed: clients setting Weldon’s hair on fire (not intentionally); shooting 49 out of 60 hours over a weekend; and again hanging high above the ground in a safety harness, albeit this time out of the window of a 5 story building in Los Angeles.  There are many, many more adventures, but non-disclosure agreements prevent them from being discussed.  Suffice it to say that Weldon has the discretion and patience to work in challenging environments like Hollywood.


Fine Art Photography

As successful as Weldon has been with his industrial and architectural work, his creativity also shines brightly in the realm of fine art photography.  His eye is in tune with the discipline and detail of commercial photography as well as the emotion and character of the less tangible.  Seeing possibilities in any situation, Weldon’s photographs capture the very feeling of a moment regardless of the setting from the stunning vistas of Yosemite National Park to the dark mysteries of Carnivale in Venice, Italy.

Weldon’s fine art photography is often used by designers whose clients’ taste or design requirements demand original, high-quality artwork in their restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other businesses.  His work can also be found in many private art collections.  Given the breadth of his portfolio and experience, Weldon can help almost anyone visually communicate their professional or personal story.  

Naturally, Weldon has his own stories to share about getting the shot.  In pursuit of his art, Weldon has come nose to nose with a black bear while tucked snugly in his sleeping bag (a bear Twinkie!); rappelled down a 600 ft. drop in Utah with 50 lbs. of camera gear; found himself within 15 ft. of the Queen of England; been deprived of sleep before a dawn shoot by a biker named Gremlin, who insisted on taking out a tree with his motorcycle; and capsized his Kayak somewhere off of the California coast (dry bags are definitely worth the investment).  Weldon’s sense of adventure and his artist’s eye help him freeze time and place to share with the viewer a feeling, mood or emotion.

Whether your photography needs are industrial, architectural or fine arts, Weldon Brewster Photography can help you become a powerful storyteller.


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